Take the Title with 8 DJ Battle Tips

All eyes are on you. It’s scary and — if you’re to be honest — intoxicating. After all, you control the vibe. The flow. The crowd. If you’ve ever been in a DJ battle, you know it’s not just about showcasing your skills — it’s about bragging rights and seizing the title.

The question, is, how do you create a winning routine, one that gets the party started, makes the most of your equipment and tells the world what you’re all about?

Here’s how to get your set started — and score that win.

Do your research
There are DJ battles, and there are DJ battles. Of all the big-deal cutting and scratching competitions, the WMC Spinoffs DMC’s, Red Bull and Thre3style are the main contenders. However, the requirements, provided equipment and categories vary. Judges’ expectations do, too. It’s important you know what you’re up against and what will put you ahead of the pack. So, do your research and how the competition is scored. Then, plan your set accordingly.

Pick songs wisely
The whole point of a battle is to get noticed — and to outdo competitors. So, it stands to reason not just any, old song selection will do. When you’re crafting your set, first things first: choose high-energy tracks that get the crowd pumped up.

Grab them from the get-go
We’ve all heard the saying, “first impressions are everything.” That’s why you have to hook the crowd from the moment you hit the stage. Be sure your first track — and what you do with it — is strong, gripping and driving. Then, hold their attention throughout the set.

Controlled speed is king
The whole point of a battle is to showcase your superior cuts. When you’re pitted against the best of the best, remember that chill, basic scratching won’t get you the title you covet. Instead, hard, fast, crisp scratches — coupled with controlled speed — just may.

Vary your techniques
One of the best ways to keep your routine from feeling ho-hum is to get them guessing. When planning your set and techniques, switch things up. Showcase your diversity by incorporating multiple skills, such as beat juggling and a mix of vocal phrase and classic scratch samples.

Showmanship is everything
Commanding attention is essential, so don’t overlook your stage presence. Incorporate spin moves, behind-the-back action and a this-and-that-hand approach so the crowd remains entertained.

Think logically
The jams, moves and technology you use certainly matter. So does your flow. Therefore, it’s important you create continuity and generate unmistakable, ongoing energy that runs throughout your set.

Be yourself
In order to stand out, you have to be original. Don’t be afraid to go big, bold and even be a bit “out there.” When you’re in it to win it, a no holds barred approach is best. Moreover, the only way to stand out in the sea of skilled DJs is to pave your own path.

Of course, your equipment matters, too. That’s where we come in. Offering a killer selection, we also have expertise to help choose what’s right for you. Check out our great deals on DJ gear and hit us up with any and every question you have.

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