Up Your Game with Essential Gear for DJs

Our Picks of the Hottest Tech

2018 is in full swing. That means lots of new, hot and straight-up essential gear that’ll help you rock your gigs—both this season and beyond. Of course, the options can be overwhelming and the research is time-consuming. We’ve explored, tested and trialed on your behalf. Now, we’re boiling it down to the must-haves. Read on to learn what we feel is worth the investment and why.

Play Differently Model 1 6-Channel Analog Mixer
300539Offering high-definition analogue quality for the hipster set, this DJ mixer features a bevy of rarely seen innovations, coupled with singular design. Features not currently available on comparable devices include hybrid filter/swept bell EQ, a dual cue system, input pre-amplifier drive control, a fully balanced Tascam DB25 connector system and a dual mixer linking system. Looking for the perks and performance of a top-tier studio console? This instrument packs in features like master EQ routing along high voltage differential power rails, balanced mix buss and zero crossing detection for seamless filter. Score yours here.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 4-Channel DJ Controller
Pioneer DDJ-1000Offering a club-style layout in an ultra-portable package, Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-1000 affords a professional, four-channel set-up at a price you can afford. This performance controller has full-size jog wheels that mimic its flagship CDJ-2000NXS model, only here you can expect an upgraded, full-color LCD display showcasing BPM, key, remaining time, the song’s waveform and any set cue points. You’ll also find a button and knob layout akin to Pioneer’s other CDJs, so there’s no need to re-learn location and retrain muscle memory. Other features include two USB ports that can be divvied up, an improved Magvel fader and built-in rekordbox dvs capability. All this, minus the heft of static models. Click here to learn more and purchase today.

Reloop RP-7000 MK2 Direct Drive Pro Turntable
300180This next-gen turntable caters to pro club DJs and turntablists with an extra-weighty, sturdy, high-rigidity body design, scratch-resistant silver metallic or black finish and killer damping, isolation and sound. Other perks include a moveable LED light to assist in dim environs; powerful, adjustable starting torque from 2.8 – 4.5 kg/cm; height-adjustable tone arm base; anti-skating control; adjustable pitch control; a tone arm constructed from a light-weight, rigid, satin aluminum material; and optional ground terminal for tricky club and studio settings. Get all the specs and order here.

Rane TWELVE Motorized Controller
Pure, powerful and easy to use, the Rane TWELVE is a must-have motorized DJ control 294929system minus temperamental needles and skipping tone arms. Keeping the familiar turntable layout and size intact, it features a precision, multi-function touch strip in place of the latter for seamless track searching and triggering cues. Featuring an all-metal body, it lets you scratch and play with the utmost creativity, backed by the precision, repeatability and durability of top-tier digital solutions. We’ve got it here and can help answer any questions you may have.

Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 Performance DJ Sampler
Pioneer DDS-1000This standalone DJ sampler lets you intuitively create unique sounds and phrases on the fly — as well as in advance. Featuring a DJ-friendly interface to sequence and loop samples, a full-color, seven-inch, touchscreen display, 16 tactile, multi-color performance pads, multi-color step input keys, a slew of inputs and outputs and high-performance features like live sampling, it’s the stuff of next-level sets. Order yours today.

Reloop TOUCH DJ Controller
Offering a seven-inch integrated touchscreen, the four-channel TOUCH DJ controller from Reloop was developed in conjunction with VirtualDJ to provide plug-and-play 300083performance with the functionality of (included) VirtualDJ 8 PRO. With real-time control of FX via the XY panel, simple track browsing, media library organization via drag-and-drop, eight RGB performance pads below the fader-FX unit, and straightforward visualization of performance modes, it’s straight-up ready to rock. Plus, video mixing can be played back in full screen mode, offering unique visual support. Additionally, video clips can be assigned to both decks and monitored via the cue function. Learn more and order yours here.

Ortofon Concorde MKII Series Cartridges
The five re-engineered, no-fuss cartridges in the Concorde MKII series—including the MIX, DJ, CLUB, SCRATCH and DIGITAL—are designed specifically for the unique demands of modern turntable DJs. Each includes a replaceable reinforced finger lift, and broadened bodies for  enhanced stability. The styli provide superior tactile feedback when seating, while a cut-out area in the front allows for far more accurate needle drops. Find the Concorde that complements your style and up your DJ game here.

Pioneer DJ RB-DMX1 Interface for rekordbox Lighting Mode
307767Syncing lights and music is a cinch with Pioneer DJ’s RB-DMX1, which lets you perform intuitive lighting patterns designed in rekordbox dj via a dedicated interface. Create and save multiple configurations in lighting mode, and use this convertor to easily interface your PC or Mac to DMX fixtures — no matter the size of the venue or theme at hand. Whether you seek automatically generated illuminations designed by algorithm or custom patterns of your own choosing, its rekordbox dj performance software lets you sync lighting sequences like a pro — right out of the box.  Get yours here.

Korg KR-55 Pro Rhythm Machine
307573Achieve the perfect drum sound wherever you go with this multi-function, mixer/recorder functionality-equipped rhythm machine. Offering numerous rhythm patterns in a single, easy-to-use interface, it has an intuitive interface while mimicing the experience of having a pro drummer by your side. Offering a mix of input jacks, effects and an equalizer, you can jam as you’re backed by live percussionists, all the while recording it on an SD card. Given it’s battery-powered, you’ll also enjoy complete mobility — be it at your desktop or a performance. Learn more and buy it here.

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Have questions? Need details? We’re here to help. Our experts are professional musicians, turntablists and DJs just like you. Give us a call at 800-356-5844.

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