Ready for Sharp, Smooth Images? Upgrade Your Displays to 4K.

Technology marches on. With the video industry’s growing adoption of 4K resolution and HDMI Forum’s evolution from HDMI 1.4 to 2.0 and now HDMI 2.1 specification, it’s a great time to consider upgrading your video and display equipment.

Whether you’re in the education sphere, seek polished corporate communications, need top-quality displays for hospitality purposes or are looking to upgrade technology for your house of worship, 4K video and display equipment is more affordable than ever before.

Read on to learn how the latest, high-definition image technology brings a brilliant, captivating experience to every seat in the house.

Up Next, Image Clarity

While 4K technology has been embraced by residential community for a while, commercial customers have been slower to adopt. The reason? Many want proof of their ROI. Fortunately, there are immediate benefits you can see.

Higher resolutions pave the way for an immersive experience, one that produces crisp images at close distances. That means improved quality of interactive applications on wall-sized displays in public places. Coupled with advancements in large, lightweight, flexible display technology, wallpaper-like video can now be displayed in the unlikeliest of places.

Choosing What’s Right

Of course, not everything is created equal. When it comes to 4K, there’s native 4K and upscaling 4K. In the case of the latter, the original source material typically isn’t 4K (instead, it’s a stretched 1080p source). Take a guess which one costs more. Because budget is a consideration and not everyone requires a native 4K projector, your decision-making process should be based on screen size and viewing distance.

Consider this: the higher the pixel density number, the smoother an image will appear. However, you may or may not need that to be true at every distance. If end users view media a few feet away, for example, a Quad HD-level display may suit you just fine.

HDMI 2.1 Offers More Benefits

In addition to 4K-compatible projectors and displays, the HDMI cables that make this advancement in image quality possible are also evolving. Newer specifications to accommodate greater bandwidth have resulted in the release of HDMI 2.0 and, just months ago, HDMI 2.1.

We appreciate the complexities of the specification change, as well as the fact that it’s an investment on your part. Fortunately, there’s ample, value-added perks that come with upgrading to HDMI 2.1. Here are the big ones.

  • It supports a slew of A/V formats, with backwards compatibility with previous HDMI specifications.
  • HDMI 2.1 brings Dynamic HDR performance to standard HDR10 and other types of HDR, resulting in improved HDR experiences for more products, in more formats.
  • In line with the current HDMI 2.0 spec, HDMI 2.1 supports BT.2020 with 10-, 12-, or 16-bit color.
  • The introduction of eARC (“enhanced Audio Return Channel”) helps simplify and ensure compatibility between audio devices and soon-to-debut HDMI 2.1 products. That’s just the ticket for next-generation audio.
  • With improved refresh rates, you can expect better images and improved transitions when it comes to movies and video (gaming content, too).
  • Lip sync issues are a thing of the past since HDMI 2.1 enables TVs to talk in real time to A/V receivers, Blu-ray players, soundbars, game consoles and other source devices.
  • HDMI 2.1nearly triples the amount of data that can simultaneously fit down an HDMI cable — therefore, new HDMI cables are needed to take full advantage of its benefits.

HDMI 2.1 Details to Keep in Mind

Remember there aren’t too many HDMI 2.1 devices just yet. And those that are available will require all new HDMI cables.

HDMI 1.4 is the ruling standard, with HDMI 2.0 growing rapidly. Both support 4K resolutions, but with restrictions. With 1.4 your 4K video will be limited to 24 or 30 frames per second and 8-bit color. HDMI 2.0 opens the throttle, handling up to 18 gigabits per second, enough bandwidth for 60 frames per second and 12-bit color.

Taking the Plunge

We know taking your business to the next level is your main priority. Whether you want to inspire your congregation with the latest in image technology, stimulate students with a multimedia learning experience, or bring a big-screen, gaming experience to life, upgrading to a 4K projector, display and accessories is a cost-effective way to accomplish your goals. Full Compass is here to answer lend expertise and resolve any nagging concerns.

To get started, check out our selection of:

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