New Year, New Gear: Why We Attend National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)

It started with a vision back in 1901— well before there was a $17 billion global music, sound and event technology products industry. Today, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) — both as an organization and cutting-edge trade show — serves as a model for the music industry. It lends a sense of community and keeps experts and enthusiasts — both of which we are — on the cutting edge.

Why We Attend

Attending is about remaining on the pulse of our industry. That’s exactly why we attended this years’ show at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim. Showcasing over 1,500 international exhibitors from 99 countries, the convention featured more than 5,000 music product brands. It is the preeminent place to discover new companies, meet vendors and learn about their newest products and the latest technology firsthand.

That includes everything from amps and effects to guitars and basses, drums and percussion, live sound and lighting. We’re there for the big reveals and to stock the hottest — and newest — releases for you.

What it Means to Us — and for You

At the show, we’re like kids in a candy store because many of us are lifelong musicians and music enthusiasts — just like you.

We attend sessions, workshops and keynotes guided by luminaries in the pro audio and music industries, as well as the TEC Summit, which highlights the latest and greatest audio innovations. It’s a series of game-changing introductions, and the chance to delve deep into why it matters. We make sure we’re there to catch it all.

Then, we’re quickly able to make these game-changing products available to our customers. When you’re ready to score the newest innovations in music, sound, recording technology and stage and lighting products, we deliver, along with the kind of insight that comes from our deep immersion in — and dedication to — our industry.

Visit our NAMM page here to check out the latest releases from the show and equip yourself with the very latest gear.

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