7 Principles that Give Our Compass Direction

Full Compass is turning 40 this year, along with Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever, Slim Fast and the high five. Reaching this milestone is a big deal to us, because we couldn’t have gotten here without the support of customers like you.

If you’ve ever wondered why we chose the name Full Compass, it’s because it connotes guidance and direction. For us, it signifies that we can help our clients follow their artistic passions no matter where they may lead and reach their destinations.

It’s one thing to guide others, but what gives us direction? We have our own set of values that serves as our compass.

While we’ve achieved a great deal of success and continued to grow and evolve over the past four decades, our mission and our core values have remained consistent. Our focus today—as it was on that first day in late October, 1977, when we donned our finest polyester leisure suits and officially opened our doors for business—is equipping our customers for success with the very best audio, video, lighting gear and musical instruments.

There are other companies who sell the same products, but none have the combination of qualities that shaped our brand.

Here are the seven pillars that serve as the foundation for all we do.

  • Customer Service
    Customer service has always been our number one focus. To serve you better and faster, we opened our 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse in 2009 packed full of inventory that is ready to ship to you—often the same day. In addition, our Sales Pros are the most knowledgeable in the audio, video, lighting and musical instrument industries. Each completes extensive training on the products we sell so that they can answer questions, offer insights and assist you with projects big or small. For added convenience, we also offer repairs, parts and service for both local and national customers. We are an authorized service center for most of our major brands and we service products that are both in and out of warranty.
  • Quality
    Whether you’re a worship tech, a recording engineer, lighting technician, school or corporate IT director, podcaster or musician, you demand a deep selection of superior gear to meet your needs. Since day one, we’ve partnered with only the very best brands, and after 40 years now you’ll find high-quality equipment and instruments from over 700 of the top names in the business.
  • Value
    We understand that value is about more than just a great price, it’s about the superior quality, and customer service that are included. It’s also about finding the right products to fit your budget. That’s why we offer our Low Price Guarantee. We guarantee the lowest price on every audio-related product we sell. If you see a lower, publicly advertised price on any audio, or audio-related product, simply send us that ad and we will issue you an in-store credit for the difference.
  • Education
    We provide in-depth training for our sales staff and we want to do the same our customers. That’s why we created GEARCAST. It’s your source for staying up-to-speed on the latest products and technology in your field, including new product intros, demos, technical and reference material, and expert commentary.If you’re looking for a live look at the newest gear, be sure to visit the Full Compass campus Friday and Saturday, October 27 and 28 for 40 Fest! It’s our 40th Anniversary Sales Event and Expo and we’ll be offering FREE learning sessions and live demos from industry leaders like Audio-Technica, Avid, Fender, Harmon, PreSonus, Sennheiser, Shure, and Yahama. There will also be big ticket giveaways, exclusive deals, and free ice cream!
  • Innovation
    Our company was founded by and for artists and innovators. We believe in taking an out-of-the-box approach to our business and helping you with yours. For more insight into some of the creative minds at Full Compass, and how we believe it can help us serve you better, check out this inspiring profile on Keith Post, our VP of Operations.
  • Family
    Created by founder and CEO, Jonathan Lipp, Full Compass is a family business. Jonathan’s wife, Susan, now Chairman of the Board, joined as president in 1977 and their sons Steve and Jeff are both serving the company. We believe in treating all our employees as family, as well as our vendor partners and customers. It’s a philosophy of respect, caring and generosity that has served us and our clients well.
  • Philanthropy
    Like most companies, Full Compass started small. We could not have continued to grow and thrive without the generosity of others. And we do our best to do the same for those in need. From fundraisers for a variety of local charities, to donating time and funds to local businesses, we are committed to supporting the community and the arts that are in part of our fabric.

We hope that sharing our guiding beliefs gives you more insight into our business and culture, and provides more reasons for you to feel good about doing business with us.

We think these 7 principles comprise one of the 40 top reasons to choose Full Compass for all your pro audio, video, lighting fcs40th_bug_175x171and musical instruments. As part of our 40th anniversary celebration, we will be sharing more throughout the year.

Do you love working with us? Send us your thoughts, personal stories, and opinions. We’d love to hear from you. Stop by 40 Fest at tell us in person!


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