Exclusive Holiday Microphone Bundles That’ll Make Any Vocalist Sing

Exclusive Holiday Microphone Bundles That'll Make Any Vocalist Sing

From vintage-inspired crooners to hard rockers, we have microphone bundles and exclusive deals that offer great savings and also make amazing holiday gifts. Here are our three favorite packages, plus two killer deals that you can’t afford to pass up.


Our Exclusive Blue Microphones Baby Bottle Package

Blue Microphones’ Baby Bottle microphone contains Blue’s acclaimed tube Bottle mic system. Each and every part of this solid-state, class-A discrete condenser has been hand-selected to ensure stellar sound. Enclosed in a Lollipop spherical grille is a precision-machined, gold-sputtered capsule with a fixed cardioid pattern. The Baby Bottle is ideal for recording vocals, percussion or any acoustic instrument, and includes its own custom shock mount and pop filter. Perfect for gift-giving, this mic comes inside a beautiful cherry-stained wood box.

Get the Baby Bottle Microphone as a part of an exclusive package from Full Compass. Available for a limited time only, our package includes (1) Blue Microphones Baby Bottle microphone, (1) Ultimate Support JS-MCFB100 tripod microphone stand, (1) Ultimate Support QR-1 adapter for microphone stands and (1) Pro Co 25-MIC microphone cable.

Onstage or in the studio, you need a microphone stand you can rely on. The Ultimate Supports Tripod Microphone Stand with Fixed Length Boom resists tipping and is built tough to withstand everyday use, and can be adjusted easily with the traditional turn clutch. The powder-coated finish is scratch resistant even on the most rigorous tour or recording schedules.

If you frequently need to swap microphones on stage or in the studio, The Ultimate Support QR-1 is a tool you need. The bottom half threads onto a 5/8” microphone stand while the top half threads into a 5/8” threaded microphone clip. To disconnect the two, simply pull down on the lower half while lifting up on the top half.


Our Exclusive Shure SM58® Bundle

The highly versatile Shure SM58® has consistently been the first choice of vocal performers around the globe for over five decades. This limited 50th Anniversary Edition of the legendary, industry-standard cardioid dynamic microphone features a unique silver finish and commemorative materials, while delivering the same warm and clear vocal reproduction under extreme conditions. The 50th Anniversary Edition includes the SM58 microphone, microphone clip, storage bag, vintage user guide, commemorative certificate, photograph and bumper sticker.

Get your own 50th Anniversary Edition Shure SM58®, plus great savings on the other essential tools you need with a Full Compass exclusive bundle – available for a limited time only! Our exclusive package includes (1) Shure SM58-50A 50th Anniversary SM58 dynamic cardioid vocal microphone, (1) Ultimate Support JS-MCFB100 tripod microphone stand with fixed length boom, (1) Ultimate Support QR-1 adapter for microphone stands, (1) Pro Co 25-MIC microphone cable and (1)  Popper Blocker pop filter insert for ball-style microphones.

Made from an acoustically transparent carbon fiber-type material, the Popper Blocker pop filter insert eliminates plosives and breath sounds without affecting the sound. Simply unscrew the ball/windscreen on your microphone, insert the Popper Blocker into the windscreen and screw it back onto your microphone.


Our Shure PGA48 Band Pack

Need to upgrade or outfit a new group, venue or other production in a hurry? Start with one of your most important tools: your microphones. The Shure PGA48-XLR PG ALTA Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone is a professional quality microphone featuring highly durable design and construction that delivers excellent sound. Ideal for use in spoken word and karaoke performance, the PGA48 features an on/off switch, swivel adapter, zipper pouch and a XLR cable.

Shure’s PGA48 Band Pack is a Full Compass exclusive package that features six (6) Shure PGA48-XLR PG ALTA Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphones, (6) Popper Block pop filter inserts, one (1) six-pack of Ultimate Support tripod microphone boom stands and (1) 50mL bottle of Microphome microphone cleaning foam, and Ultimate Support’s JS-MCFB6PK tripod microphone boom stand is the perfect addition to any school program, house of worship or garage band.  It includes six tripod microphone stands with 30″ fixed-length boom arms.  Whether you have a choir, six singers, two singers and drums, three singers, one harmonica player, two bag pipe players or whatever arrangement you may have, with the JS-MCFB6PK you’ll have plenty of microphone stands to go around. A handy carrying bag is included for transport and storage of all six microphone stands.

Microphome is a microphone cleaning foam that is designed to safely disinfect exterior mic surfaces, protecting inner mic electronics.  Microphome is alcohol-free, antimicrobial, fast-drying and produces no residue. One 50 mL bottle can disinfect a microphone more than 100 times.


Two Amazing Holiday 2016 Deals on Two Incredible Microphones

Don’t need a complete package? Here are two special deals on very unique microphones that can bring new elements to your performance or home recording.

An Accessible Condenser Microphone: Think you can’t afford a condenser microphone? For less than $100, the Shure PG27LC side-address cardioid condenser microphone offers a flat frequency response for natural reproduction and features a large diaphragm. A high SPL threshold handles a wide variety of acoustic, amplified and vocal sound sources with professional clarity.

A Thrifty Tube Microphone: Want to capture a truly retro sound in your vocals? We don’t have a way to send you back to Hitsville USA, but The MXL Microphones V76T is the next best thing to time travel for singers. For less than $150, this tube microphone gives vocals a vintage sound with its smooth and solid mid-range and overtones that make recordings sparkle; it’s the kind of tone that makes music from the past so classic.

For even more deals, check out www.fullcompass.com

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