Stocking Stuffers for the Musicians and Music Lovers On Your List

Stocking Stuffers for the Musicians and Music Lovers On Your List

Now that the dust has settled from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are you still searching for Holiday gifts, or maybe just a stocking stuffer or two? We have useful, creative gift ideas for guitarists, drummers and DJs, plus ideas to equip your home recording studio and more. Here is our guide to smaller gifts for the musician or music lover in your life.


Holiday Gifts Under $25

Pro-Mark H-RODS Hot Rods drum sticks are made of 19 premium select birch dowels, providing consistency and feel, while offering a lower volume solution than regular drum sticks. The base of the Hot Rods features a smooth grip for easy playability, and another wrap near the neck that provides a tight sound and improves the durability and life of the sticks.

Ready for an amazing new performance technique? Manage your music apps and effects without touching your device with the iRing™ touchless controller for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new iRing uses hand gestures to control parameters of effects and other items in your music apps, allowing you to create stunning and dramatic music in an incredibly fun way by simply moving your hands in front of your device.

Martin Guitars (and strings) are known for providing amazing sound and quality. Martin SP Studio/Performance Series strings are ideal for using live, in the studio or wherever maximum string life is desired. Due to the development of an industry leading ultra-high quality steel core, Martin SP strings resist breakage better than average strings. The Martin Strings MSP3150 3-Pack is a bundle of three sets of the MSP3150 6-string acoustic guitar string sets.

Are you a DJ who wants to enjoy the feel and control of performing with vinyl, combined with the convenience of digital audio files? Control vinyl can give you both. The Rane SSL-VINYL-BLACK 12″ vinyl record has a Serato exclusive and unique control signal which allows Scratch Live to track the motion of the record, simulating the same movement with digital audio.


Holiday Gifts Under $100

Tired of tuning in the dark and hoping for the best? Korg’s Pitchblack Custom pedal tuner features a vertical 3D visual meter with three-dimensional lights and versatile display modes for ultimate visibility, and true bypass switching that prevents coloration of your tone. The durable aluminum die cast body provides a DC output for parallel connection of other effect pedals, and is designed to allow years of trouble-free operation. This Special Red model is a Full Compass Exclusive!

Mixing can be challenging due to the fact that music sounds different when played through different speakers in different locations. The Waves Nx Head Tracker is a small Bluetooth device that latches onto your headphones and tracks your head movements. Combined with the Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin, it can recreate on headphones the ideal spatial acoustics of a high-end room, improving your headphone mixing and recording skills.

Want the amazing sound of a Leslie rotary speaker without actually having to haul one around? The Hotone Skyline Series ROTO stompbox effects pedal features sleek rotations and subtle pitch variations that are inspired by the legendary Leslie speaker. Onboard controls let you adjust the color, intensity and speed of your effect, and just like the original big speaker cabinet, you can use the VIBE button to switch between tremolo and chorale mode.

Get big sound in a small package with these Limited Edition Marshall MS-2 Mini Amps. These fun, portable, battery powered amps feature channel switching, volume, tone and overdrive control with a headphone jack that doubles as a preamp out. Available in white finish or silver.

The Shure SRH145m+ Portable Headphones feature deep, rich bass with full-range audio, and an ultra-lightweight, collapsible design for convenient storage. Adjustable, on-ear cups and padded headband ensure an ergonomic and secure fit, and a two-year warranty covers free replacement or repair.

Don’t let a long tuning process damage the momentum and mood of your live performances. The Snark SN-10S Pedal Tuner delivers fast on and off stage tuning with a huge and easy to read display, true bypass and pitch calibration.


Stocking Stuffers and Small Gift Ideas

The Pro-Mark TX5BW 5B is a standard diameter drumstick for the heavy hitter. It’s a larger general purpose stick for rock, pop, country and punk – perfect for when a 5A is too small and a 2B is too big.

If you need a little caffeine after staying up to rock and roll all night, this ceramic travel cup from Fender holds 11oz of anything you like. It features the Fender “Guitars and Amps” circle logo, a flexible blue silicone lid and a double-wall porcelain design to keep your beverage hot or cold.

Does your home recording studio or practice space need some new décor? This tin sign from Fender features a red Stratocaster, an amp and Fender’s spaghetti logo in red.

Want to show your guitar allegiance through your accessories? The Fender Guitar Pick Pin comes in red and includes a secure button clasp. If a keychain is more your style, check out our selection.

Vinyl records are experiencing a recent revival, among both past fans and younger generations. Keep both your vintage records and your new purchases sounding great by making sure the stylus on your record player is clean. Reloop’s highly efficient Stylus Cleaner fluid and the fine brush will remove dirt and vinyl remnants from every needle, and enhance the sound quality of your record player.

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