Exclusive Bundle Deals for your Home Studio and Live Performances

Deals for Home Studio and Live Performances

Don’t battle the crowds this weekend! Relax at home and check out our exclusive Black Friday deals that can take you from the basement home studio to the hottest stage. Here are our top featured offers for home studios and live performances.

Exclusive Offers To Upgrade Your Home Studio

Being able to record at home is a valuable option for musicians at every level. Here are our best Black Friday choices that can help you create or update your home recording set-up.

Ideal for solo entertainers and home hobbyists alike, the Roland BK-3 Backing Keyboard features a wide array of quality on-board sounds and rhythms, song playback via USB memory, built-in speakers and more. The BK-3 is packed with sounds and rhythms covering an extensive range of music genres from around the world, and a dedicated button on the front-panel makes it simple to record audio directly to USB memory.

Only available until December 31st, the limited time Mix & Master bundle from iZotope includes two rich-featured audio effect software suites for mixing and mastering: Neutron and Ozone 7, each with elegant workflows suited for both beginners and experts. It’s the ideal production package for musicians, engineers, producers and sound designers who want to get the most out of their tracks.

The PreSonus Audiobox and Bluebird Microphone bundle is a Full Compass exclusive available for a limited time only. This package includes the PreSonus AUDIOBOX-44VSL USB audio interface, the Blue BLUEBIRD cardioid condenser microphone, the iZotope RX-PLUGIN-PACK audio repair plugin suite, the Ultimate Support JS-MCFB100 microphone stand and the Pro Co 10-MIC 10 ft microphone cable.

Blue Microphones’ Spark features a custom-designed condenser capsule with Class-A discrete electronics resulting in superbly detailed and uncolored output, making it the ideal microphone for recording vocals, drums, guitars, pianos, brass and woodwinds. Our exclusive, limited time package includes (1) Blue Microphones Spark microphone with focus control, (1) Ultimate Support JS-MCFB100 tripod microphone stand, (1) Ultimate Support QR-1 adapter for microphone stands and (1) Pro Co 25-MIC microphone cable.

Designed for professional audio engineers and in-studio talent, the SRH940 Headphones from Shure deliver accurate response across the entire audio spectrum for smooth high-end extension with tight bass. The Shure SRH940/DAC Bundle is a Full Compass exclusive that includes (1) pair of SRH940 professional reference headphones and (1) Optoma uDAC3 mobile DAC. The uDAC3 Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) and combined headphone amplifier upgrades any computer’s sound output. It connects to the computers USB port and extracts every last nuance and detail from your digital music collection. This bundle also carries a 2-year warranty.


Packages for Performing

Ready to bring your music to the masses? Here are our exclusive offers on the sound systems, microphones and other tools you will need.

The Fender Fortis™ F-12BT 12″ powered speaker offers outstanding sound that’s ideal for DJs, schools, houses of worship, solo performers, businesses or small-to-medium sized venues. Plus, with the power of Bluetooth connectivity and a wealth of I/O options, this speaker has everything you’ll need to keep the music going. Our exclusive package includes (1) Fender F-12BT 12″ 2-way powered speaker with Bluetooth, (1) cover for Fender F-12BT speaker, (1) Pro Co 25-MIC microphone cable, (1) Ultimate Support TS-80B aluminum tripod speaker stand, (1) Ultimate Support BAG90 tote bag for TS80/90 speaker stands, (1) Accu-Cable EC-123-25 AC power extension cable and (1) Furman SS-6B power strip/surge suppressor.

The limited edition Shure 5575LE Unidyne® Cardioid Dynamic Microphone is the 75th anniversary edition of the world’s most iconic microphone. The timeless look and detail of the original 55 Unidyne model’s 1939 debut is available to the public for the first time since the mid-20th century by blending the original design specifications with modern technology. Produced in a serialized run of 5,575 units worldwide, this exclusive reissue is poised to become a treasured addition to any microphone collection for years to come.

The H1 Handy Recorder, Zoom’s most compact and easy-to-use portable digital recorder to date, makes professional quality stereo recording more versatile and affordable than ever before. From musical applications, including songwriting sessions and rehearsals, to seminars, workshops, conferences and podcasting, the ultra-handy H1 broadens the possibilities for portable digital recorder applications.

The Mackie FreePlay is an all-in-one personal PA system that features an 8″ woofer, 4-channel digital mixer, Bluetooth connectivity and can operate on AC power, standard D cell batteries or an optional rechargeable battery (sold separately). FreePlay features Bluetooth technology for music streaming from any mobile device that can be mixed with vocal mics, guitars and more. Plus, with Mackie’s FreePlay Connect app, you get mobile freedom to control everything from levels and EQ to sound-enhancing tools like a feedback destroyer for amazing sound in any situation.

For more information on these deals, and EVEN MORE for Black Friday, check out www.fullcompass.com.

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