Gifts for Guitar Players: Fender Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for Guitar Players: Fender Holiday Gift Guide

In 1940s southern California, Leo Fender created a simple solid-body electric guitar design that would eventually become the famous Telecaster® guitar. He went on to invent the Precision Bass guitar, the first non-acoustic bass guitar. Together, these two instruments helped to create the modern rock and roll band, and changed music forever. However, Leo Fender was building amplifiers long before he made his first guitar. Amplifiers made by Fender have been used by musicians ranging from Kurt Cobain to Eddie Van Halen, and continue to be both collectibles and workhorse tools for musicians at all levels, all over the world.

Here are our top product picks for the Fender fans in your life.


Fender Limited Edition Combo Tube Amps

Just in time for the holidays, Fender introduced a handful of incredibly cool Limited Edition guitar amps. These new takes on classic tube combo amps have striking looks thanks to the unique gun metal and knotty pine boxes. These are both functional and a beautiful, collectible conversation piece. Get the guitarist on your list a truly special gift, but don’t wait: only 100 of each of these models were made.

Used by stars like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Fender Vibrolux amps are known for producing a tone that is the perfect balance of clean and crunchy. The ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb amp honors the look and sound of the classic while adding additional modifications such as a gunmetal gray covering, two 10″ 8-ohm Celestion® Greenback G10 speakers and a “Limited Edition” badge.

Fender Deluxe amps deliver a clean, yet overdriven tone that is synonymous with rock and roll and blues. The ’68 Custom Deluxe Reverb amp adds modifications like a gunmetal gray covering, one 12″ 8-ohm Celestion® Greenback speaker and a “Limited Edition” badge.

The Limited Edition ’65 Deluxe Reverb is inspired by the original and includes a crafted knotty pine cabinet with 12″ Celestion® Cream Alnico speaker for an amp that excels in both sound and style. The all-tube tone machine features 22 watts of power and can handle almost any style of music with its tube overdrive, tremolo and reverb.

The Limited Edition ’65 Princeton Reverb is a reissue of the studio classic in a fine knotty pine cabinet with 12″ Celestion® Cream Alnico speaker and 12 watts of power to match the vintage vibe of the original. This amp is ideal for players in need of real tube overdrive and tremolo, pristine clean tones, dynamic overdrive and foot switchable long-spring reverb.


In-Ear Monitors

There is a robust audio side to Fender that often takes a back seat to the classic guitars and amps, but also provides a high quality and necessary part of every musician’s toolbox. The brand’s in-ear monitors use innovative technology and custom drivers to create powerful sound—all designed and assembled in the USA.

The DXA1 features 14 Hz – 22 kHz frequency response for life-like sound reproduction. This is our most affordable option, which also comes with a deluxe carrying case, cleaning tool and cable.

The FXA5 offers a dual balanced Armature Array and groove-tuned bass port. Featuring 19 Hz – 21 kHz frequency response, these monitors offer the perfect balance of transparency, ambience reduction and clear head room for pure, natural sound.

At the upper end of the spectrum is the FXA7. The HDBA Array with zero crossover design is mechanically tuned and ported to function as a speaker array, balancing natural warmth and broad staging with detail and clarity. It features 6 Hz – 24 kHz frequency response, and comes with a 1/8” to ¼” adapter, acoustic filter earplugs, tips, cleaning tool and cable.


Two Special Offers for Fender Fanatics

A Piece Of Music History: Looking for a truly one of a kind gift for a Fender fan or music memorabilia collector? The Vintage Reissue of the ’65 Twin Reverb offers a clean, classic electric guitar sound, and this amp was used by musicians on the stages of Summerfest 2016. Here’s a rare chance to own a unique piece of history. But hurry, there is only one available!

Vintage Vibes: Popular Fender tube combos like the Deluxe Reverb and Hot Rod Deluxe are easily as desirable now as when they were first introduced, due to their combo portability, ease of use and great tone. The Deluxe VM amplifier takes the sought-after Deluxe formula into a new era of “Vintage Modified” performance by combining a real tube amp with a complement of essential effects. This Vintage Modified Fender Deluxe is a specially priced showroom model that also comes with a cash back instant rebate.

These special Fender combo amp choices make great gifts due to their combination of exclusivity and usability. Give the guitar player in your life (or yourself) the chance to own a piece of history, with the added ability to make innovative new music.

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