Holiday Gifts for Drummers: Top Products & Buying Guide

Christmas Gifts for Drummers

If you have a drummer in your life, you may think it is impossible to get them a valuable gift without spending thousands – and alienating their neighbors. However, there are tons of instruments and accessories that make great gifts. Many of them are affordable, and some are even relatively quiet. Here are our best gift ideas (including several exclusive packages and one-of-a-kind items) for the little drummer boy – or girl – on your shopping list.


Acoustic Drums: From Beginners to Collectors

Ludwig Drums LCF42R 4-Piece Element Icon Drum Kit with Hardware & Cymbals
Looking for an entry-level acoustic drum kit that is truly complete? Element’s drum package offers a gig-ready kit with everything needed to fuel the fire in the beginning drummer. Featuring hand-made, select hardwood shells for solid, powerful tone, 400-Lite Series double-braced stands, and the new *B8-Alloy Elements Cymbals that offer tone, projection, and durability superior to other entry-level cymbals.

Tama CK52KSGXS Special Bundle: Superstar Classic Maple 5-Piece Shell Pack Galaxy Sparkle with Free Shure Drum Mic Pack
Do you have a drummer on your shopping list that is ready to move beyond entry level gear, and perhaps start experimenting with recording? The Tama Superstar Combo Pack is a Full Compass exclusive bundle that includes a CK52KSGXS 5-Piece Superstar Classic Maple Shell Kit, plus a PGADRUMKIT5 PG ALTA 5-Piece Drum Microphone Kit.

Superstar Classic makes the amazing TAMA sound affordable, while still including the classic TAMA T-shape badge and streamlined low-mass single lugs, the ingenious Star-Mount system and the thinner gauge 100% maple shells.

The Shure PGADRUMKIT5 Drum Microphone Kit is a package of professional quality microphones designed to provide excellent sound for close-mic kick drum, snare and tom performance and recording.

Pearl Kits and Drums Used at Summerfest
Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind gift for a musician who also loves music memorabilia? Give a piece of music history by getting one of the individual drums or complete kits that were played on stage at the world’s biggest outdoor music festival – Summerfest 2016. You can save thousands of dollars on these professional quality drums and complete kits, but hurry as quantities are limited!


Electronic Drums: Peaceful Practice Options

Alesis Nitro 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Nitro Drum Module
Do you know a drummer who struggles to find time to practice due to their schedule or space? Electronic drums are a way to keep your drumming skills up while still keeping the volume down. The Alesis Nitro is an 8-piece entry-level electronic drum kit that includes everything you need to set up and start playing. It includes a dual-zone 5″ rubber snare drum pad, three single-zone 5″ rubber pads for the toms, and three 10″ cymbal pads for ride, hi-hat, and crash.
This kit also comes with the Nitro drum module which has 40 ready-to-play classic and modern kits – for a total of 385 drum and cymbal sounds. The Nitro module includes a built-in sequencer, metronome and performance recorder for added versatility, along with 60 built-in play-along tracks to hone your drumming skills. You can even connect it to a CD/MP3 player, or even your computer!

Roland TD1KV 4-Piece V-Drum Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Head Snare
Roland’s V-Drums are the world’s most popular electronic drums due to their superior sound, authentic feel and rugged durability. The compact TD-1KV delivers respected V-Drums quality in a space-saving kit that keeps up with you as your playing evolves and skills improve.

Some drummers avoid electronic drums; worried they won’t play like their acoustic counterparts. There’s no need for concern with the Roland TD-1KV—it fully supports essential acoustic playing techniques, which is especially important for beginners to learn to play correctly. Every drum sound offers a wide dynamic range and natural tone, and the PDX-8 mesh-head snare provides an authentic feel with independent head and rim triggering.

Yamaha DTX532K Electronic Drum Kit
Yamaha’s DTX532K features the DTX-PAD snare, plus real hi-hat and 3-zone cymbal pads that allow true drum playing techniques to be developed. The DTX-PAD snare has the proper response for developing your technique, and the real hi-hat trigger and stand lets you position the kit to match your ideal setup. The DTX502 module includes 691 high-quality sounds and offers drum training functions, practice songs, and easy MIDI recording. The USB port allows control over VSTi software and lets you import custom wav files.

Roland TD-30K-FC V-Pro Series V-Drum Kit with PDX-100 Dual Trigger V-Pad, BT1 Bar Trigger, and MDH-12 Pad Mount
Only available at Full Compass, Roland’s TD-30K-FC Kit includes the TD-30KS Electronic Drum Kit, PDX-100 10″ Dual Trigger V-Pad, MDH-12 Hatched Pad Mount and BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad all in one affordable, convenient kit.

Roland’s TD-30K V-Pro Series is powered by SuperNATURAL and Behavior Modeling for superior sound quality and features advanced sensing technology for accurate, detailed response to all the dynamics of a drummer’s technique. Roland has even added USB functionality for data backup and audio playback of WAV and MP3 files.


Percussion Gift Ideas

Meinl Percussion FADJ2-M-G 10″ Journey Series Rope Tuned Fiberglass Djembe
A great addition to any drum circle, Meinl’s FADJ2-M-G 10″ Djembe is built with a premium fiberglass shell with rope tuned goatskin head for warm bass tones and cutting slaps. The lightweight, durable construction makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Meinl Percussion WCAJ300NT-SB Woodcraft Series Cajon
The Cajon originated in 18th century Peru as a popular companion for the acoustic guitar. Today, Meinl’s Woodcraft Series Cajons provide rich tones and a deep bass spectrum as a result of their solid Baltic Birch resonating body. Two ultra-responsive snare wires and adjustable top corners allow a vast array of sound options to match your unique playing style.

Meinl Percussion WCAJ300NT-SB Pack Woodcraft Cajon Player’s Pack with SM57 Mic
This Full Compass Exclusive Cajon Package is perfect for the live or studio percussionist looking for a quality Cajon and Mic setup at an amazing price. It features a Meinl Woodcraft Series Cajon with a Striped Boreas frontplate, a Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone, a Vu Low-Profile Booming Mic Stand and a 20 ft XLR Microphone Cable.

The Shure SM57 Unidirectional Dynamic Cardioid Microphone has an extremely effective cardioid pickup pattern which isolates the main sound source while minimizing background noise – making it an ideal companion to the Cajon.


Accessories and Stocking Stuffers

Pro-Mark H-RODS Hot Rods
ProMark Hot Rods are made of nineteen premium select birch dowels and provide an excellent consistency and feel. The base of the Hot Rods features a smooth grip for easy playability, including lower volume playing. Another wrap near the neck, one resembling the handle’s wrap, provides a tight sound with just enough texture and improves durability

Moongel Damper Pads
Searching for an easy yet effective way to control your percussion instrument’s sound? The Moongel Damper Pad can control the level of dampening by the placement on the drum head, including controlling unwanted overtones. The self-adhesive gel sticks to the surface of drums, cymbals, and most percussion instruments. By simply moving the damper pad around the surface, you can eliminate any unwanted resonance. The damper pad is washable and will retain its stickiness for years.

Zildjian 2-Pack of 5A Acorn Tip Hickory Drumsticks with Drumstick Bag
Even the drummer who already has the kit of their dreams will appreciate new sticks, and Zildjian’s drumsticks are tone and weight matched for superior performance. This pack from Zildjian includes two pairs of 5A acorn tip hickory drumsticks and a Zildjian nylon drumstick bag with dual ties, carry handle and outer Velcro closure pocket.

Sabian B8X First Pack with 14″ Hi-Hats, 16″ Thin Crash Cymbal
Sabian’s B8X is the evolution of their B8 line, but with more hammering – including fully hammered bells – and an adjusted profile. The result is enhanced projection, more complexity, and a great new look. The Sabian B8X First Pack cymbal set is a great entry-level cymbal pack that features 14″ hi-hats and a 16″ thin crash cymbal.

The Sabian B8X 14″ hi-hat cymbals are crisp and lively and produce stick and pedal responses that are very bright and definite, clean, and penetrating. The Sabian 16″ B8X thin crash cymbal is fast, punchy, and bright, with a loud attack that makes this a cutting crash.

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