How to Use Moving Head Stage Lights to Enhance Your Halloween Celebration

Moving Head Stage Lights for Your Party

Whether you’re entertaining employees or a whole neighborhood this Halloween, be sure to put moving head stage lights on your list. Moving head stage lights are also known as automated, or intelligent lights. They can be used whenever you need powerful lighting that can easily make changes, such as colors, positions, movement patterns or projected designs. They are versatile and easy to use, allowing you to replace multiple cumbersome pieces of conventional lighting equipment with fewer pieces that are simple to move, install and regulate. They can be controlled directly by a user, but in order to get the most out of your moving head stage lights, most people use a lighting controller, or console, to program complex visual effects that can be easily executed during your event.

Moving head stage lights come in two major types: spot (or profile) and wash lights. Spot lights can be used to highlight an object or performer, and can also be used to project designs called gobos, or prisms. Wash lights can be used to project a color across an entire stage or wall. Using techniques like up lighting, wash lights can make a dramatic impact that is particularly suited to Halloween.

A combination of spot and wash lights are a great addition to your Halloween celebration, by adding dimension, excitement and even a scary mood to an otherwise plain room. Beyond décor, here are some other ways that you can use moving head lights at your Halloween party:

  • Will you have entertainment like a band, DJ, magician or even a fortune teller? Will you be showing a scary movie, or a slideshow of costume contest candidates? Make switching between activities even more exciting by showing a dramatic change in lighting. Moving head lights can increase the energy in a room, and make it easy to focus your guests’ attention where you want it, when you want it.
  • Will you have a costume contest? Offer multiple categories for winners, and desirable prizes like cash or PTO days (for your office party), or a night out on the town (for your neighbors), and you will have great participation. Moving head spot lights will allow you to focus your profile lights on the finalists and winners, making the contest quite captivating.
  • If you want to make your lighting even more impressive, consider using a hazer. A hazer is similar to a smoke machine, creating a mist that makes the beams of light stand out. Unlike a smoke machine, hazers are much less irritating to sensitive guests.

Overall, moving head stage lights allow you to do a lot more with a lot less equipment. Modern LED spot and wash lights are capable of easily changing colors, effects and creating multiple looks either automatically or with your control. They can transform a room, highlight your décor efforts, make your entertainment more exciting and help to create the unusual atmosphere that your Halloween party needs.

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