Club Lights 101: What to Consider When Planning Your Halloween Party

Club Lights 101

Lighting is essential to any Halloween party, as it has a huge influence on the look and atmosphere of your space. Whether you are planning a huge corporate celebration for the first time, or just want to amp up your home haunted house, you must carefully consider your lighting choices.

The first step in planning the lighting for your Halloween party is to look at the space that you are planning to use at the same time of day as when your party will be held. This will give you a realistic idea of what lighting you need in order to create the affects you want. You can see how much built-in lighting is available (and what you can do with it), and how factors like sunlight might impact your plans. If you will be using an existing club, professional lighting company or DJ to help you with your party, make sure that the lighting pro will do the walk-through with you. Once you have found the right space, there are three easy steps you can follow in order to create an unforgettable Halloween party.


Step One: Set The Mood

Not all of us have access to an ornate Victorian mansion – if you are holding your Halloween party in a space that is less than ideal, you can easily transform it into the spooky vision of your dreams with lighting. Conventional or flood lights can add a wash of color or project a design or texture on a wall, and up lighting can either highlight or hide the parts of the space where you are holding your party.

Will there be live music, a DJ, or other exciting entertainment at your party? Moving, or intelligent lights are great to keep energy high – they are exciting and are a dynamic tool with diverse applications. Make sure that you create a balance with your intelligent lighting between highlighting the DJ or performers and the dance floor.


Step Two: Add Accents

Now that you have the lighting you need, take it to the next level by adding effects like a hazer, fog (or smoke) machine, or strobe lights. These simple tools can make even basic lighting and decor look eerie and intense.

If you will be running multiple lights in a complex pattern, or will need to shift between different lighting effects and accents, you will need a lighting console, or controller, in order to control everything. If you will be using a new (or new to you) console for your party, make sure that you do a test run, under the same conditions your party will be held.


Step Three: Involve Your Guests

Now that you have created a room with a distinct mood and exciting accents, it’s time to make sure that your guests have a great time by giving them chances to interact. Here are three ideas that your Halloween party guests will love:

  • Create A Photo booth: Halloween parties are all about looks, from the wild décor to the memorable costumes. Make sure that you give your guests lots of photo and video ops. You can light up a special backdrop, or use custom marquee lights that spell out your company name, a hashtag, or just the date. Offer a box of extra costume pieces and fun props to ensure some memorable fun.
  • Try Black Light: One unique party lighting idea that works especially well for Halloween is a black light party. In order to do this, start with a room that is as pitch black as possible, and then replace all of the lights in the room with black lights. Use glow-in-the dark décor items, and make it even more visually striking by adding a fog machine or even a bubble machine filled with glow-in-the dark bubble solution. If you choose this theme, encourage your guests to dress in costumes that feature a lot of white, neon, and glow-in-the dark elements.
  • Get Glowing: Even if you don’t want to do a complete black light party, a few glow in the dark elements can add a lot to the atmosphere of your party at a very low cost. Items like glow sticks, glow in the dark jewelry, and even glow in the dark or LED cocktail stirrers can be both décor elements and party favors.

Investing in the right lighting and lighting effects for your Halloween party is always worthwhile. Great lighting will allow you to spend less on other parts of the décor, make a less-than perfect room look great, and most importantly, give your guests an extraordinary experience.

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