Midweek Success: More Than Just the Money

As a guest writer of this column I’m excited about presenting some ways that weekday events have added to my company’s success. We have been able to bring in approximately 20% more income to our business due to gigs that aren’t on the normal Friday- Saturday schedule. But in addition to income, there are other great reasons why you should be pursuing filling your weekday calendar!

Here are three important ways that pursuing midweek bookings can benefit your business, beyond the monetary realm:


This is a great opportunity for new MCs/ DJs to get their feet wet with talking on the microphone, basic mixing skills, as well as overall DJing. We have found that a lot of DJs and DJ wannabe’s that come to us as prospective employees often know part of the skill set, but obviously don’t have it all down right. A great way for them to hone their skills and gain valuable experience is working in front of small crowds that might even know them personally at a local town trivia gig or small corporate weekday gig. These event types are a lot more forgiving than a bride with 300 guests on her wedding day or a high school dance where 500-1000 kids are staring at you because you pressed pause instead of play.


Here again, the smaller scale of the gig can help the DJ get used to dealing with their technology, by using smaller rig,and usually having a lot more time to set up the gear. Also, the reduced responsibility load helps with the learning process. The DJ also may have an opportunity to plug into a bar’s sound system, or to work with them on hooking up a new sound system. These types of things are done easily when the place isn’t open.


These smaller-sized midweek events are much better for a newer DJ to get out there and meet the people at an event. We encourage our DJs to get out there and get to know them, walk around, say “Hi,” and so on.

For example, on a regular trivia gig that I help out with, it’s expected that you are sort of like the bartender—sitting and listening to people talk about their lives, mixing it up with friends and getting to know everyone. This also goes along with the first point on training. In providing musical entertainment, aka DJ services, the DJs main job is providing a service to the client. And working with people is the most important part of that service. Any situation that gives a DJ a chance to develop this aspect of their skill set is has a value far beyond the fee being charged.

So, if you have been hesitant to jump into the weekday game, thinking about the above opportunities for growth in your business, as well as the potential boost to your finances, may help you see the additional advantages of getting into game shows, trivia, photo booths and other services into the mix of your company’s offerings.

By Marc Andrews

 Originally published in Mobile Beat issue #166 – link to http://www.mobilebeat.com/emagscurrent/166

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