5 Kick-Ass Ways Video Helps Book More Weddings

You don’t need me to tell you why you should be using video marketing, do you? Well, my husband insists I tell you WHY before going any further. This is coming from a guy who won’t listen to a word I say until I explain what’s in it for him.

Check out these stats from the HighQ.com infographic, 2015: The Year in Video Marketing:

  • 50% of all mobile traffic is online video watching. • 78% of people watch videos every week, and 55% watch videos every day.
  • Websites using video have an average site visit length that’s two minutes longer than those that don’t.

On top of that, the Aberdeen Group’s report examining the use of video in content marketing finds that video is the most popular form of content.

There. Now you know why video kicks ass. Now we can talk about how to use it to book more weddings.


YouTube currently gets 4 billion views per day. 81% of Millennials are using it weekly, as are 58% of Generation X’ers, according to the DMR YouTube Statistics Report, January 2016. (That’s your prime wedding demo- graphic, in case you were wondering.)

YouTube isn’t just about watching baby animal videos. It’s the second largest search engine, after Google, and it’s the secret “backdoor” to Page 1 because it’s often easier to get your YouTube video ranking than it is your website.

Today’s couples certainly use YouTube like a search engine. When planning the wedding, they type in “best father-daughter dance songs” or “uplighting for wedding reception” to get the information they crave.

There are a few smart DJs creating YouTube videos with titles and descrip- tions containing their most desired keyword phrases: “Atlanta wedding DJ” or “best Chicago DJ.” But they’re missing out on the opportunity to capture a larger local audience of newly engaged brides and grooms.

Let’s say you’re located in Phoenix, Arizona. Don’t create a lame video called, “Phoenix Arizona Wedding DJ” that’s a two minute clip of a rocking dance floor. Instead, give couples what they’re really looking for: resources, “how to” information and wedding inspiration.

What if our Arizona DJ makes the video, “5 Gorgeous Little Known Phoenix Wedding Venues?” She’d be attracting couples at the beginning of the planning process—before her competitors even had a shot—and positioning herself as the go-to Phoenix wedding expert. Throw in an offer for more free information on your website, and that visitor is captured as a hot lead.


YouTube may be the #1 site for video, but many businesses get faster engagement and response by sharing their videos on Facebook. In fact, 76% of people in the U.S. discover videos first on Facebook.

One industrious invitation designer shared a 20-second video of a foil wedding invitation. No voiceover, no text. Just 20 seconds of crinkling foil. That video got such killer engagement on Facebook that she boosted it with ads. A $200 ad spend yielded over $6,000 in sales!

When you’re creating videos for Facebook, it’s all about engagement. Think short, sweet and non-salesy.


Modern websites are moving away from a static home page to a website designed with muted video in the background. This type of video typically displays full screen.

This is a phenomenal way to communicate the energy and emotion of wedding entertainment as soon as a visitor lands on your site for an instant first impression.


Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to broadcast video any time, any place from your mobile phone. The replay of your broadcast is available on Periscope for 24 hours. The coolness of

this new video platform is its ability to blend real time video, social sharing, live discussions and feedback into an addictive interactive experience.

That makes Periscope the perfect opportunity to share your setup before the wedding, a romantic first dance, or a high-energy clip of a packed dance floor—in real time.


An explainer video is a 30-90 second explanation of the problem you solve or the benefit you provide, usually using clever animation. It boils down what you do into an easy to understand package. However, if you’re going to use an explainer video, it’s well worth hiring a pro. The most important aspect is the script. A crappy script will yield crappy results, no matter how cool the animation. Get the explainer right and it creates instant clarity about what you do, how you stand out from the competition and piques visitor interest in learning more.

Video is powerful marketing and all signs point to more video expected, if not demanded, by our clients in the future. While you don’t have to implement all these strategies, it’s a good idea to get with the program before your competitors beat you to it. Be sure to send me evidence of your video awesomeness so I can celebrate with you.

By Stephanie Padovani

 Originally published in Mobile Beat issue #169 – link to http://www.mobilebeat.com/emagscurrent/1699

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