Hearing Loss As A Disability

Is it possible we are discriminating against those with hearing disabilities, even when we’re trying to help them? As we gather in our schools, houses of worship, at civic gatherings and in legislative chambers, do we as a society recognize hearing loss as the disability it is? It’s a hurdle preventing our neighbors from truly participating and getting the same chances as everyone else.

Hearing loss can be a hidden disability, disguised by those who don’t want to admit they have a problem or don’t recognize that there are resources available. Yet the United States’ largest disabled group consists of those with a measurable degree of hearing loss – a whopping one out of every five adults!


Though it feels as if we all know someone with hearing loss, we often are unaware how the Americans with Disabilities Act includes provisions to accommodate people with hearing loss, including the incorporation of assistive listening systems in new building construction, in alterations or renovations to buildings, and inside private companies providing goods or services to the public. Often, an individual’s hearing aids are not enough to compete with situations that include a lot of ambient noise.

Full Compass is proud to offer the Listen Technologies iDSP line of hearing enhancement systems. The iDSP difference helps students, worshippers, and audience members listen to what they want and need to hear in loud locations where understanding might be difficult. iDSP’s sleek and small design makes it easy to wear, easy to use, and easy to hand out, providing completely clear sound to the user.


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