Summerfest EAS: The Wild Reeds

In a small dressing room off a hallway behind the Johnson Controls Stage at Summerfest, for the Emerging Artists Series, I met Kinsey, Mackenzie, Sharon, Nick and Nick (I call the younger one ‘Nick Jr.’). These are the people and talent who make up The Wild Reeds; a band out of Los Angeles with a tight focus on three-part harmony with eclectic spices tossed in for a powerful punch to your ears.

All five packed on to a leather couch for an interview. Mackenzie, sitting on top of the couch, had never been to Milwaukee, much less Wisconsin and “to play on such a large stage at such a huge music festival is really exciting for us!”

During the interview, we talked about what Nick and Nick (bass player and drummer respectively) played. Nick is partial to his Fender, while Nick has a large and “interesting” collection of drums. “They are basically fill every corner of where we live,” said Nick (a.k.a. Nick Jr.).

We ended our few minutes together with the group singing a few bars acapella, while the Nicks snapped along.

The Wild Reeds was a fresh experience for me. They have some inspiring crescendos built into their songs that suck you in like a good book. To keep it short, TWR gave us a nice package during their set that we opened with each song.

Full Compass has had a blast being, not only a partnering sponsor for the Emerging Artists Series, but also supplying all of the backline gear for all of the bands on all of the stages at Summerfest this year. BTW, you can get all the gear the bands used right here (really, the actual stuff that was on stage)!!!

Thanks for reading!


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