Summerfest: Styx & Umphrey’s McGee

Every so often, you get to meet some music legends. And every so often those legends invite you on to their tour bus or backstage to talk.

These are two of those moments.

Todd Sucherman, the drummer for the powerhouse band Styx and featured Pearl Artist was gracious enough to spend a few minutes with me backstage at Summerfest. The sun was starting to go down and a powerful storm was just about an hour away from the Summerfest grounds. And Todd, after his years of touring, still takes it all in like a newbie. Excited to be playing. Excited to see how the crowd reacts to their show. And excited to get a break after our interview to grab some dinner.

And then, the tour bus.

Umphrey’s McGee are on the edge of breaking all the way through. They have a tight sound with moments of just jamming through and letting a song go as long as they feel like it when performing live.

Meeting Kris Myers, the drummer, outside of the Harley Davidson stage area, I was taken by how polite and sincere he was to meet me. He introduced his drum tech, Phil (tall guy) and then to his percussion partner, Andy Farag, the percussionist who knows his way around timbales.

Kris and Andy, both featured Pearl Artists, brought me on board the band’s brand new tour bus to come sit in back and talk about their set up with Pearl, their love of ghost notes and how thankful they are to see the payoff from all of their hard work.

It’s been a fun ride so far at Summerfest, and there’s still more to come.

If you want to check out the gear Full Compass is providing the bands, check out our Summerfest site. Pretty slick!



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