Summerfest EAS: Ron Gallo

One of the featured musicians at this year’s Summerfest Emerging Artists Series is the uniquely talented Ron Gallo and his rock-trio out of Nashville.

I spoke with Ron while he was in the band’s SUV making their way through Chicago on their way to Milwaukee to the world’s largest music festival. Ron Gallo and his troupe have been touring clubs and bars for the first half of their tour this summer. “And this is going to be a wonderful change for us. Outdoor venue and a large stage. We are so excited and appreciative to be asked to be on the stage this year.”

Ron Gallo’s sound is a mix of a urban soul with deep roots in lessons learned from life – and his lyrics reflect that.

Ron Gallo and his band were the first to hit the stage for the Emerging Artists Series. Catch the full interview with him here. And find out what he keeps in his SUV as the band travels the country.

Full Compass is thrilled to be a sponsor of the Emerging Artists Series with 88Nine RadioMilwaukee! 

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