Infocomm 2016: Optoma’s Innovation

Stacking. Warping. Edge blending. All of these are the every-day terms now used by projection innovators like Optoma.

What we saw at Infocomm 2016 from Optoma, literally was some of the sharpest projection images we’ve seen. Along with the curved and dome displays, which could trigger vertigo (but in a good way), their 4K UHD resolution short-throw projector was stunning.

“We are the first with 4K so we’re showing off our innovative background with the 4K UHD because the trend is more and more toward laser,” says Carolyn Scott, Senior Marketing Director with Optoma.

“It’s a first of it’s kind. The 4k UHD resolution has an ultra short throw and it’s only about two inches from the projection area.”

Scott says since you don’t have to replace lamps in the new laser projectors, “It makes it great for all types of applications in the boardroom, house of worship, and any kind of commercial application.”

Check out our full interview with Optoma and with an inside look at the creative displays they were showing off at Infocomm 2016 in the video below.

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