Infocomm 2016: AJA’s New Live Streaming Tech

Say hello to Helo!

AJA Video Systems gave us a look at Helo a couple of months ago and now we’re able to see it in it’s full form here at InfoComm 2016. This small, stand-alone live streaming appliance hits all of the right functions we’ve been looking for in a robust live streaming environment.

Helo is the brainchild of Eric Norrell, product manager with AJA. He says, “It has two encoders built into it; one that you can point directly at the device and you can mount a network share.”

The Helo has an SD card and USB storage to write one encoder there and “then you can push one up to something like Ustream if you’d like,” says Norrell. Of course, he admits, that demand for live streaming is coming from the gaming industry with popular sites like Twitch .

Norrell says other organizations like college sports teams, schools and houses of worship have been pining for a live streaming device that they can rely on. And Helo could be just that.

We expect Helo to be released into the live streaming wild later this summer with an MSRP of $1295.

For more information, listen to the podcast (link below) and keep an eye out for the launch at


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