NAB 2016: Canon’s Future, Multi-purpose Cameras?

Just when you thought you couldn’t squeeze more HD out of a cinematographer’s camera – Canon did exactly that with their new multi-purpose ME200S-SH.

We spent some time at NAB with John Sagud from Canon to give us a hands-on with the new ME200S-SH and it didn’t disappoint! The ISO sensitivity has been upped from 1024 to 2048, the weight is only 2.5 lbs and they’ve enabled a lot of configuring options for cinematographers.

“This camera integrates with so many wonderful recorders out there and that makes the ME200S-SH a great creative tool,” said Sagud.

But, why go with a “multi-purpose” camera for our HD needs?

Sagud explained, “This multi-purpose camera is an idea, I believe, that we are going to build upon. When we can create this camera head into something application-specific and it’s going to be a very creative tool for the cinematographer by being able to build it into any configuration that they choose.”

“After we tested it out in the darkness on the outskirts of Los Angeles, we came to the realization that this was not just a low-light camera; what it was was a full-frame sensor HD cinema camera.”

The ME200S-SH: full-frame, muti-purpose, absolutely stunning HD. Things are looking good for Canon.

The camera will be available “soon,” according to Sagud and the price point is $5000.

Check out more gear from NAB right here!

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