NAB 2016: Sound Devices Audio/Video “In A Box”

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show happening this week in Las Vegas continues to unveil new gear/programs for video and broadcasting pros.

Gabriel Benitez, sales manager with Sound Devices, showed us the PIX-E5 and PIX-LR devices as well as the new H.264 encoding firmware update. Benitez says this update not only allows for easy and quick uploads for streaming video, and “the update allows you to record directly to your speed drive and/or an SD card.”

“Before this new firmware update, we could only record ProRes files to the speed drive, leaving the SD card to presets. Now you get the best of both worlds.” 

Benitez added, “The system makes for much simpler one-person shooting.” Which is a relief because more and more that appears to be the trend we are watching in the pro-video production industry.

The PIX-LR is basically a two-channel microphone preamp that attaches to your PIX unit. And the benefit here, according to Benitez, “is for the ‘run and gun’ users who are doing both audio and video by themselves, you have two channels for a microphone preamp, phantom power, control features, VU meters, and it expands your audio capabilities of your unit.”

The speed drive is like a minature SSD and, said Benitez, “having a USB connector, you can immediately remove it from the camera and connect this to your computer.”

And if you ad the PIX-LR to all of the features of the PIX-E5, it’s basically an “audio and video studio in a box.”

Check out more on our NAB page!

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