Breaking Into the Madison Music Scene

The Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) is on a roll! Each year they step up their game to support, promote, mentor and encourage the musicians, artists and bands in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

And this weekend was no different, because seven bands from the Madison area had their time on stage to compete for the MAMA Breakthrough Artist 2016. 

The bands competing were The Apollo AffairThirsty JonesJohnny Likes NoizeTrap SaturnGods In The ChrysalisThe Anderson BrothersNate Meng Makes Music and Devil to Drag!

Each band had a 15 minute set to impress the panel of judges, made up of music professionals from around Madison and the country.

Once the night was done, Trap Saturn came away with the win! They get a number of prizes including the chance to perform at the 2016 MAMA Awards Show on June 19th.

Full Compass is thrilled to be a MAMA supporter because they believe in the “importance of music in the growth and development of youth.” 

We’ll have more coverage from the Breakthrough Artist competition coming soon.

Until then, check out the photos from the event and, as always, be awesome and be loud!

1 Comment

  1. Wow! What a great new addition to the Madison music scene. Thanks, Full Compass, for caring about people making music in our community and also for providing the gear musicians need every time they’re on stage.


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