Brighten Up Your Easter Presentation

Imagine this – your doors open to the community on Easter Sunday, and everyone walks in to an impeccable display of LED panels showing Christ’s journey from the cross to resurrection. As you share your message, the congregation watches a transition between stunning pictures, vibrant videos, and inspiring graphics, which leave a lasting impression and make an old fashioned PowerPoint presentation a thing of the past.

There is a growing demand for polished visual elements in houses of worship, leading to an increased use of video displays to accentuate the message from the pulpit. Leading the trend is Aeson LED Display Technologies, who offer a full range of indoor or outdoor LED video screens with an array of impressive pixel pitch options.

Church 4
Courtesy: Aeson

Why switch to LED video displays?

Out of date projectors require special hardware and space to mount, which can be difficult to access when it is time for maintenance. LED screens are easier to install, and Aeson screens come with all the mounting hardware you will need.

Projectors are also dependent on lamps/bulbs and filters, which need to be replaced after so many hours of use. However, LED displays are built to last and require significantly less maintenance over the course of their lifetime, which can surpass hundreds of thousands of hours of use. These displays will pay for themselves and avoid major maintenance costs.

Overall, the ease of use and installation, and the low maintenance costs will point you toward LEDs every time.

The LED displays are simply impressive to see! With a variety of industry-leading high-impact pixel pitch options, the Aeson brand offers customers bright, large screen, and light-weight monitor options.

Overall, the ease of use and installation, and the low maintenance costs will point you toward LEDs every time.

Church 5
Courtesy: Aeson

Why choose Aeson?

The Aeson brand is known for their extensive testing of each screen. They assemble and test all LED video screens at their Orlando, FL facility to ensure that all issues have been resolved before the product is shipped to the customer. That means the gear you get is ready to use as soon as it arrives.

Aeson is also known for its impeccable customer service. If a problem arises, they stand behind their products, sharing quick solutions and providing ample spare parts to ensure that “the show will go on”.

“Aeson LED Display Technologies is committed to long-term on-going customer service. We will never leave you “high and dry”. Whether that entails walking the customer through problems by phone, accessing your system via the internet to solve an issue, sending a technician to solve difficulties on site, and being there for a customer past the expiration of the warranty period.”

Get behind the trend in time for Easter with LED video display screens from Full Compass Systems.

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