RØDE: Paving the Way in Audio

RØDE has opened up a new level of microphones this year to appeal to the “one-man-band.” You know, those of us out and about recording and shooting by ourselves. We only have so many hands!!!!

To assist with our lack of 3-armed evolution, let’s talk about the VideoMicro, VideoMic ME and the Micro Boompoll Pro.

The VideoMicro is a really small cardioid condenser microphone that shoe-mounts to the top of your DSLR camera. The thing is, we are recording with more than just DSLRs anymore. It’s about the iPhone and iPad devices and what we can do with them easily and with some excellent quality recording results. The solution? RØDE’s SC7 patch cable which connects to “TRRS compatible devices such as the iPhone or iPad.”The VideoMic ME is the sister to the VideoMicro – the only difference really is that it’s compatible with Android devices.

When you think about mobile recording and producing by yourself, out in the wild (or downtown NYC) you think, “how much abuse is this thing going to take?” I asked Jesse Dean, sales manager with RØDE about this constant worry. He explains that RØDE engineers kept that concern in mind when constructing the VideoMicro and VideoMic ME and made sure they were built with an incredibly strong ceramic-coated metal. Really, these mics can take a hit!

“We’ve noticed more and more that people are recording on the run with their phones” and it’s time this podcast nation have some quality and durability added to their mobile audio.

To add to this, I took a test-run of the new RØDE Micro Boompole Pro. I know, you’re thinking, “Yeah, so?” Remember, you’re on your own, shooting, recording and interviewing. And this Micro Boompole Pro is so light and so strong and is built to hold the VideoMicro or other smaller RØDE mics, that you can hold on to this thing for a really long time without your arm getting tired. It feels like a wickedly sturdy tent pole in your hand. And you get great audio quality because you’re closer to your subject.

Check out our RØDE podcast interview with Jesse. We go into more detail about these mobile mics and how it’s a thing of pride to be a “one-man-band.”



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