Laser Projection For Educators

Gone are the days of the overhead projector. Sure, there’s some nostalgia of a hot Biology classroom, but really, were the diagrams of how to dissect an earthworm really ever in focus? Hard to tell.

The “Overheadasaurus” – Extinct

Luckily, the days of the “Overheadasaurus” are (mostly) long gone and today we have some amazing technology that’s taken its place.

Laser projectors for classrooms, houses of worship and multi-purpose rooms have brought a much sharper and engaging learning experience.


Panasonic has had their 6500 lumen series of projectors out for about a year and it’s changed the projector game for so many organizations, said Alan Hassen, visual systems account manager for Panasonic.

“The big benefits of laser  projectors is there’s no maintenance required. You install it and walk away – done,” said Hassen. And with the massive success of the 6500, which is priced for higher-end uses such as churches and universities, Panasonic is releasing a less-expensive version, a 5000 lumen laser projector at in March of 2016.

Besides an incredibly clear projection, the three big benefits of a laser projector over the older technology projectors are:

  1. Longer lifetime – you can run these projectors as hard as you want and you’ll get 20,000 hours to half-brightness.
  2. No maintenance required – no filters or lamps to exchange.
  3. More environmentally-friendly – see #2.

For more on our laser chat with Panasonic, listen to the podcast above. And check out the projector demo in the video below. And click here for detailed product info.




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