How projection tech creates immersive, interactive multi-purpose rooms

Open canvases, just waiting for use – walls within houses of worship are often left out of the message, but a growing trend in churches is changing all that. Thanks to their versatility, projectors are being moved away from application solely at the front of the stage, to fill whole rooms.

A set up including multiple projectors can throw images across walls, giving up to a 360 degree experience. Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, Colorado was recently featured in an issue of Worship Facilities magazine. The church did away with a limiting painted mural designed for the children of the ministry, and adopted 8 projectors to spread an ever-changing message. The idea: increase flexibility in imaging, while gaining the attention of young church members. Pastor Jonathan Wiggins told Worship Facilities the church now has a room that can be used for multiple applications and for all groups in the ministry. From bible stories during Sunday morning children’s ministry sessions, to adult retreats, to business meetings and weddings, Pastor Wiggins said the space now meets all needs.

The virtual renovation of Resurrection Fellowship spanned 6 months, and included eight Panasonic projectors covering 270 degrees and 8500 pixels wide, 26 LED house lights were added, three main EAW QX3 loudspeakers, two Danley TH212 subwoofers, custom-made acoustics, a mixing system, and a Renewed Vision ProPresenter to incorporate it all. The addition of fresh paint provides optimal projection imaging. The integrated system delivers a seamless 4D display and state-of-the-art sound that’s fun and immersive for members of all ages.

Flexibility and modernity are achieved through projection. Pastor Wiggins told Worship Facilities the response has been positive from the ministry. Kids are learning the Bible in a versatile new way, and the space can be adapted to fit the needs of each group using it throughout the week.

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