Vintage NAMM

Stan Miller & Neil Diamond NAMM early 1970s

NAMM has been around for 115 years and looking back through the archives of NAMMs-past, some things become clear: hairstyles change (good thing) and the music industry appears to have hit a peak of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology adoption (even better thing).

According to a recent blog post from Attack Magazine, “vintage reboots” are one of the things to watch this week at NAMM, especially from Roland. Stay tuned for that news!

What is it about vintage that has such an appeal to consumers?

Is it the look and feel of “days gone by” or that we had such a great time building the guts of the technology we so appreciate today? I think it’s a combination of both. The up-and-coming musical generation appear to want to understand where we’ve come from, while, at the same time, push the limits of the latest technology and social music sharing (touchy subject, I know).

Smartly so, companies like Moog, Roland and Korg are creating that kind of vintage space of appreciation for the newer generations.

So what does NAMM week mean for us who live, breathe, love and serve the music industry? It’s that week of looking back and looking forward at the same time. Connecting and sharing our excitement about where we’re headed.

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